Documenting The Grey Man (2011)

The premise is that a group of filmmakers, in an effort to look at how easy it is to fake supernatural events, decide to terrorize a family that believes their house is haunted in order to make fun of them on reality TV. They do this by exploring the local legend of “The Grey Man”, a ghostly figure who warns people of incoming hurricanes and other disasters, and who supposedly lives in the house the family owns. Only problem is, weird things start happening the moment the cameras are on, and the crew isn’t responsible. Could the house really be haunted?

The answer is pretty obvious from the start: yes. And why do we know this?

Because the camera crew, despite all their stated intentions, never actually get around to faking any of the creepy events. They do a lot of standing around and talking, and that’s about it.

It’s strongly implied that The Gray Man is protecting the daughter of the family from abuse, but shockingly none of the crew (or the parents) pick up on this. That could have made for an interesting story, with the protective ghost terrorizing the abusive father, clueless mother, and scheming camera crew ignoring an obvious human problem in lieu of exploiting the supernatural angle, but Documenting The Grey Man didn’t go in that direction. Instead you have your average Paranormal Activity rip-off, without any sort of creativity in acting, direction, or camera work. It’s boring, doesn’t look good on film, and isn’t scary. The subtext makes up the only horror in this strange little story and I do have to ask, what sort of people ignore child abuse in order to make a fake ghost story? Say something about that.

Skip this. It’s terrible.


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