The Hollow (2015)

Following a tragic car accident, three sisters move to a remote island to live with their aunt the night before Halloween – unaware than an ancient evil has come home as well. And it’s hungry.

Well, an attempt was made. That’s about the best I can say about The Hollow. There were moments in the beginning that I hoped would lead to a better story, but the themes of survivors guilt, family obligation, and upheaval were never actually dealt with. The dynamic between the three sisters was by far the most interesting of the movie and there were moments I though that their relationship might elevate The Hollow into something truly interesting. The Hollow doesn’t sugarcoat their relationship or shy away from portraying the various interactions as selfish or hurtful – many of the things the sisters do to each other are exactly that, even when done out of grief or a misguided attempt to help. Sadly, that storyline never actually went anywhere and those interesting story nuggets were swept out of the script before the end of the first act. The monster effects were decent but wore out their welcome – and creativity – long before the end, the story was packed with too many secondary characters who died without much of an impact, and the ending felt too contrived to have any emotional impact.

It’s a B movie. Unfortunately, it’s neither funny nor charming, despite it’s occasional moments of subtle character building. Skip it.


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